This Saturday, you're invited to our biggest ever door-knocking event in Vic Park for Tim Young and Brad Pettitt!

In these difficult times, our community in Victoria Park have been experiencing under-employment, crippled education debts, and concern over the looming climate crisis. Tim Young has committed himself to tackle these issues, and together we can build the biggest grassroots campaign for change that our community has ever seen!

Door-knocking and having meaningful conversations with our community has proved an effective way to encourage those on the fence when it comes to voting.

If you’ve doorknocked or are just doorknocking curious, we’d love to see you in the beautiful John MacMillan Park before we set out. Everyone will get training and a chance to meet and chat with both our Lower House (Tim Young) and Upper House (Brad Pettitt) candidates.

After the doorknock please come join us at the Balmoral to grab a breather and refreshments.

For the best experience, we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat (Greens t-shirt optional), and bring a water bottle and umbrella if it looks like it's going to rain.

Let's reach as many people as we can! Click 'Register Now' to join our movement. 

If you'd like more information before signing up, please email

Event Details

Date & Time

Oct 24th, 2020 09:50 AM through to
Oct 24th, 2020 11:30 AM


In front of the Victoria Park Library
John MacMillan Park


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